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Movie: Panelák (TV series) (2008)

Movie creators, Reviews on IMDb.com, Subtitles, Horoscopes & Birth Charts

Panelák (TV series) (2008)
Panelák (TV series)
"Birth" chart of the opening night (premiere)
February 18, 2008, Slovakia
Movie: Panelák (TV series) (2008) IMDb.com
Andy Kraus
Movie creator, Director
Transit chart during opening night (premiere)

Movie: Panelák (TV series) (2008)
Actors, director and other movie creators

Václav NeckářVáclav Neckář (*1943)   actor Czech Republic CZ
Milan LasicaMilan Lasica (*1940)   actor Slovakia SK
Štefan SkrúcanýŠtefan Skrúcaný (*1960)   actor Slovakia SK
Andrej HrycAndrej Hryc (*1949)   actor Slovakia SK
Eva VejmělkováEva Vejmělková (*1969)   actress Czech Republic CZ
Zdena StudenkováZdena Studenková (*1954)   actress Slovakia SK
Zuzana CigánováZuzana Cigánová (*1947)   actress Slovakia SK
Zuzana FialováZuzana Fialová (*1974)   actress Slovakia SK
Zuzana FrenglováZuzana Frenglová (*1961)   actress Slovakia SK
Hana GregorováHana Gregorová (*1952)   actress Slovakia SK
Slávka HalčákováSlávka Halčáková (*1974)   actress Slovakia SK
Zuzana KocúrikováZuzana Kocúriková (*1948)   actress Slovakia SK
Henrieta MičkovicováHenrieta Mičkovicová (*1967)   actress Slovakia SK
Diana MórováDiana Mórová (*1970)   actress Slovakia SK
Zuzana NorisováZuzana Norisová (*1979)   actress Slovakia SK
Zuzana Skopálová-JányováZuzana Skopálová-Jányová (*1966)   actress Slovakia SK
Gabriela Škrabáková-KreuzGabriela Škrabáková-Kreuz (*1970)   actress Slovakia SK
Marta SládečkováMarta Sládečková (*1958)   actress Slovakia SK
Zuzana TlučkováZuzana Tlučková (*1962)   actress Slovakia SK
Božidara TurzonovováBožidara Turzonovová (*1942)   actress Bulgaria BG
Judita VargováJudita Vargová (*1957)   actress Slovakia SK
Lucie VondráčkováLucie Vondráčková (*1980)   actress Czech Republic CZ
Ladislav PotměšilLadislav Potměšil (*1945)   actor Czech Republic CZ
Alžbeta StankováAlžbeta Stanková (*1979)   actress Slovakia SK
Radoslav BrzobohatýRadoslav Brzobohatý (*1932)   actor Slovakia SK
Ivan GogálIvan Gogál (*1959)   actor Slovakia SK
Ľubomír PaulovičĽubomír Paulovič (*1952)   actor Slovakia SK
Matej LandlMatej Landl (*1963)   actor Slovakia SK
Peter ŠimunPeter Šimun (*1955)   actor Slovakia SK
Ján GallovičJán Gallovič (*1960)   actor Slovakia SK
Vlado ČernýVlado Černý (*1951)   actor Slovakia SK
Branislav MišíkBranislav Mišík (*1972)   actor Slovakia SK
Juraj PredmerskýJuraj Predmerský (*1957)   actor Slovakia SK
Martin HrebeňMartin Hrebeň (*1976)   actor Slovakia SK
Jozef VajdaJozef Vajda (*1955)   actor Slovakia SK
Marek VašutMarek Vašut (*1960)   actor Czech Republic CZ
Csongor KassaiCsongor Kassai (*1972)   actor Slovakia SK
Alexander BártaAlexander Bárta (*1976)   actor Slovakia SK
Roman LuknárRoman Luknár (*1965)   actor Slovakia SK
Danica JurčováDanica Jurčová (*1976)   actress Slovakia SK
Juraj ĎurdiakJuraj Ďurdiak (*1952)   actor Slovakia SK
Oldo HlaváčekOldo Hlaváček (*1934)   actor Slovakia SK
Juraj MokrýJuraj Mokrý (*1977)   actor Slovakia SK
Ivan Romančík Sr.Ivan Romančík Sr. (*1950)   actor Slovakia SK
Žofia MartišováŽofia Martišová (*1934)   actress Unknown XX
Juraj SlezáčekJuraj Slezáček (*1943)   actor Slovakia SK
Lucia LužinskáLucia Lužinská (*1976)   actress Unknown XX
Peter KočišPeter Kočiš (*1965)   actor Slovakia SK
AnastaciaAnastacia (*1968)   actress United States US
Pavol TopoľskýPavol Topoľský (*1961)   actor Slovakia SK
Peter AczelPeter Aczel (*1957)   actor Unknown XX
Dušan SzaboDušan Szabo (*1962)   actor Unknown XX
Róbert JakabRóbert Jakab (*1976)   actor Slovakia SK
Andrea KarnasováAndrea Karnasová (*1974)   actress Slovakia SK
Ladislav KonrádLadislav Konrád (*1952)   actor Unknown XX
Vladimír ObšilVladimír Obšil (*1957)   actor Czech Republic CZ
Ondrej KovaľOndrej Kovaľ (*1979)   actor Slovakia SK
Anna MaľováAnna Maľová (*1954)   actress Slovakia SK
Mária MacákováMária Macáková (*1957)   actress Unknown XX
Lenka BarilíkováLenka Barilíková (*1971)   actress Slovakia SK
Zuzana Vačková-RogelováZuzana Vačková-Rogelová (*1969)   actress Slovakia SK
Branislav BystrianskyBranislav Bystriansky (*1972)   actor Slovakia SK
Elena PodzámskaElena Podzámska (*1972)   actress Slovakia SK
Ján MistríkJán Mistrík (*1942)   actor Slovakia SK
Monika HaasováMonika Haasová (*1976)   actress Slovakia SK
Hana Gajdošová-LetkováHana Gajdošová-Letková (*1958)   actress Czech Republic CZ
Marek MajeskýMarek Majeský (*1972)   actor Slovakia SK
Peter BatthyanyPeter Batthyany (*1966)   actor Slovakia SK
Igor AdamecIgor Adamec (*1964)   actor Slovakia SK
Ján LehotskýJán Lehotský (*1947)   actor Slovakia SK
Lukáš LatinákLukáš Latinák (*1977)   actor Czech Republic CZ
Zuzana MauréryZuzana Mauréry (*1968)   actress Slovakia SK
Andy KrausAndy Kraus (*1967)   screenplay Slovakia SK
Andy KrausAndy Kraus (*1967)   actor Slovakia SK
Andy KrausAndy Kraus (*1967)   director Slovakia SK
Viki RákováViki Ráková (*1981)   actress Slovakia SK
Martin MalachovskýMartin Malachovský (*1968)   actor Unknown XX
Juraj RašlaJuraj Rašla (*1969)   actor Slovakia SK
Marián Labuda Jr.Marián Labuda Jr. (*1974)   actor Slovakia SK
Marko IgondaMarko Igonda (*1974)   actor Slovakia SK
Soňa NorisováSoňa Norisová (*1973)   actress Slovakia SK
Katarína BrychtováKatarína Brychtová (*1967)   actress Slovakia SK
Zuzana HaasováZuzana Haasová (*1981)   actress Slovakia SK
Peter SklárPeter Sklár (*1968)   actor Unknown XX
Vladimír KobielskýVladimír Kobielský (*1975)   actor Slovakia SK
Martin NahálkaMartin Nahálka (*1980)   actor Slovakia SK
Kristína FarkašováKristína Farkašová (*1982)   actress Slovakia SK
Laco HrušovskýLaco Hrušovský (*1973)   actor Slovakia SK
Vojtěch DykVojtěch Dyk (*1985)   actor Czech Republic CZ
Lucia SiposováLucia Siposová (*1980)   actress Slovakia SK
Marek UramMarek Uram (*1974)   actor Slovakia SK
Marián MiezgaMarián Miezga (*1974)   actor Slovakia SK
Filip TůmaFilip Tůma (*1978)   actor Slovakia SK
Mirka PartlováMirka Partlová (*1985)   actress Slovakia SK
Ivan VojtekIvan Vojtek (*1957)   actor Slovakia SK
Gabriela MarcinkováGabriela Marcinková (*1988)   actress Slovakia SK
Juraj KemkaJuraj Kemka (*1975)   actor Slovakia SK
Dušan VaňoDušan Vaňo (*1952)   actor Slovakia SK
Kristína SvarinskáKristína Svarinská (*1989)   actress Slovakia SK
Samuel SpišákSamuel Spišák (*1992)   actor Slovakia SK
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